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Universal Stars Online Music Competition opens to all instruments, vocal, chamber music, conducting, and chamber music. Read the Category list here>>

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Challenge yourself and get awards according to your performance results

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Enjoy An Immersive Music Competition Experience and get your photos displayed on Stars board! 

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Certificate of approval
All participants will get a digital certificate of participation. If you become a star winner, you will receive a special edition of digital winners certificate, issued by the universal stars award committee.

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Universal stars award winners icon
If you become a star winner, you will receive our delicate digital universal s
tars award icon. You can use these digital icons on your website, include them on your personal page, to display your achievement.

Image by Alexander Shatov

Social media showcase
If you become a gold star winner, our professional social media team will promote you and design a winning poster of your photo and publish it on our Facebook and Instagram accounts! 


Display on the universal stars board page
If you become a star winner, your photo will be displayed on the universal stars board page! Are you ready to shine in front of colleagues, music professors, artists, fans around the world?

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Best of the best
If you become a Grand Medalist - that means you are the highest mark winner in the season. You will be awarded universal super-star special edition medal,  posted worldwide to your home for free!

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Become artist on music label
If you compete in the professional category, you may become a universal star artist™. You will get a universal star artist pass and your competition audio will be uploaded by professional music channel TrueArtMusic!