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Video Requirement FAQ

Do I need to show my hands in the video?

On the recording, the instrument, hands and face of the performer must be clearly visible.


How long should the video be?

For every category, the video should be at least 1 minute long, and up to 15 minutes long max. Please note for style categories, you should submit video only contains the applied categories. eg. when you apply to Baroque category, your video must only include baroque pieces.


Can I use an old video?

Yes, we accept videos recorded in the past 12 months.


How can I make payment and where do I fill the application form?

You can do this on our 'Apply' page.


What is the difference between junior artists category and piano stars category?

In Junior artists category, all instruments compete together. In categories such as piano stars and wind stars, only those specific instruments compete with each other.


I am playing piano 4 hands with my friend, is there a special category for this?

Yes, you can enter the chamber music category.


I am playing my own music, is there a special category for this?

Yes, you can enter the original category.


Can I get an e-certificate for my teacher?

Yes if you become a gold star winner or the grand star winner.


Will there be gold star winners in each category?

Yes gold, silver, and bronze stars are awarded in each category. However, the grand star, all stars award, and true art music artists awards winners are chosen on top of all categories.


I am a singer, can I sing musical theatre or pop songs?

Yes, we accept all types of musical styles.


Can I apply for more categories?

Yes, every candidate can apply to 1 or more categories.


Can I send multi-camera recorded videos?

Yes, multi-camera recorded videos are allowed, as long as it is clear that the sound has clearly not been edited.


I am a violinist, can I send a video with an audio accompaniment playing in the background? 

Instrumentalists other than the piano can send their performances with or without accompaniment. So yes, you can use audio accompaniment. Only the contestant’s performance will be judged, the accompanist will not be judged.


How can I successfully register my application?

Only after the Candidate has submitted the application form and video, your application is successful and your video will be evaluated by the jury members.


How should I send videos?

Videos should be available for watching online (YouTube or similar). You can also send it via email to When sending the video via email, please change the name of the file to your name_category. For example Allen Tinker_junior star1


How does the marking system work?

The international jury will give each candidate’s performance a mark out of 30. An average mark of 26-30 will be awarded the Gold Star; An average mark of 21-25 will be awarded the Silver Star; An average mark of 16-20 will be awarded Bronze Star. The highest mark will become the grand star winner, and the candidate who wins the most number of prizes/categories will become the all-star award winner. 3 artist award winners will be chosen according to jury members nominations.

The judgement will be made exclusively upon performing material received, additional information of a candidate will not be considered. The contestants whose teacher is on the jury will not be judged by him/her. All jury members will inform beforehand to the organisation, of any relationship with any of the contestants.

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